Send and Request Electroneum with a sharable link.


Sending someone Electroneum is as now as simple as knowing their SendETN username! On SendETN, a User's username is directly linked to their preferred Electroneum Wallet Address. So if you want to send me (Cole) some Electroneum, all you would need to know is my username, cole, and with that you can go to to send me Electroneum in a few clicks.


Requesting Electroneum is probably the best part because it also makes Sending ETN easy for the person you're requesting it from. Once you have an account on Electroneum, all you have to do is send the person you want Electroneum from your unique SendETN wallet URL. For me, my unique SendETN wallet URL is since my username is cole. And if I wanted to request exactly 123.45 ETN from someone, I'd send them this link: where the last part of the URL is the amount. Please note: The person you're requesting Electroneum from does not need a SendETN account, only the requester does.

Curious what a SendETN wallet looks like? Click here!